Brian Casel
Brian Casel


See my current portfolio and past endeavors.

Current Porfolio

Tailor-Made UI
Tailor-Made UI Started in '24 and running

UI design service for SaaS companies where I help SaaS ship faster, delight customers and grow their product.

Instrumental Products
Instrumental Products Started in '24 and running

Product development consultancy where I (and my small team) strategize, build and launch new software products.

Clarityflow Started as ZipMessage '21, became Clarityflow in 2023

Coaching software for client conversations, creating and selling coaching programs.

Past Endeavors

ZipMessage Started in 2021, rebranded to Clarityflow in 2023

ZipMessage started as a tool specifically for async messaging & conversations. In 2023, it evolved and rebranded to become Clarityflow.

ProcessKit Started in 2019. Sold in 2022.

A software product designed to help you and your team document your processes and actually put them to work in smart, automated workflows.

Big Snow Tiny Conf
Big Snow Tiny Conf Started in 2012 and still running.

A small, annual retreat for founders who ski and snowboard, co-organized with Brad Tousnard.

Audience Ops
Audience Ops Started in 2015. Sold in 2021.

A productized service business providing companies with done-for-you blog and podcast content.

Productize Started in 2014. Sold in 2022.

A course and private community for those interested in transitioning and scaling a business using the productized service model.

Thready Started in 2021. Sold in 2022.

A simple software product that lets you draft, schedule and publish Twitter threads, and manage threads for multiple Twitter accounts.

SunriseKPI Started in 2018. Sold in 2021.

A simple software product that gathers up your key metrics from all of your different tools and sends you your numbers in a daily email.

Ops Calendar
Ops Calendar Started in 2016. Shut down in 2018.

A SaaS product that didn't make it. It was an editorial calendar meets social media scheduler meets process management.

Content Upgrades
Content Upgrades Started in 2015. Sold in 2018.

A WordPress plugin that makes creating and embedding content upgrades (email opt-ins + downloadable content) a breeze. Sold to Liquid Web.

Landing Pages
Landing Pages Started in 2015. Sold in 2018.

A WordPress plugin that designing a simple landing page with email opt-in into your site, no matter which theme you're using. Sold to Liquid Web.

Restaurant Engine
Restaurant Engine Started in 2011. Sold in 2015.

A SaaS built ontop of WordPress, giving restaurants an easy way to build and maintain their web presence. Sold in 2015.

Hotel Propeller
Hotel Propeller Started in 2011. Sold in 2015.

A spin-off from Restaurant Engine, this time aimed at providing hotels a web presence. Sold in 2015.

WP Bids
WP Bids Started in 2010. Sold in 2015.

A specialized WordPress theme for creating web-based client proposals. I loved using this little product!

ThemeJam Started in 2009. Sold in 2015.

My first digital product! A collection of WordPress themes.