Brian Casel
Brian Casel

Work that doesn’t feel like it.

I love the hard, creative work of designing products just as much as my mission to build a business that lasts. Join thousands and follow along.

"Honesty, no bullshit or fluff. Just straight talk." —A long-time subscriber

My story

Here’s my story.

What I'm up to now
And the winding path I took to get here

My products

ZipMessage Started in 2021 and still running.

A software product that makes it super easy to start an asynchronous video conversation with a customer or colleague.

ProcessKit Started in 2019 and still running.

A software product designed to help you and your team document your processes and actually put them to work in smart, automated workflows.

Productize Started in 2014 and still running.

A course and private community for those interested in transitioning and scaling a business using the productized service model.

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My content

When it's a lesson I don't want to lose, I think it through, then write it up.
Week-to-week, you can hear me on the mic either rambling off the cuff or picking the brain of people I find interesting.
My go-to place for wasting time on the Internet.