Brian Casel
Brian Casel

The Plan B Strategy

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Making that next big move?

Starting a business. Selling a business. Applying for a big promotion. Forming a partnership. Doubling down on a new direction.

You might fail. And that feels risky. Why?

If it fails, then you’re just back to where you are now. Nothing gained but not much lost. So where’s the risk?

The risk is the *fallout* from that failure. Your momentum, stopped. Your inspiration, deflated. Your hope, lost. Your confidence, damaged.

That’s what leads to a more painful backslide.

Here’s how you eliminate this risk from your next big move:

Develop your Plan B.

Plan B should lead you to the same ultimate goal. It’ll just take a different route.

Game out Plan B in so much detail that you almost want it to be your plan A.

What is a Plan B, really? It’s leverage.

It enables you to gun for Plan A, knowing that if it doesn’t happen, you’re good. That improves your odds for Plan A.

And if Plan A fails? Plan B immediately kicks into gear. Suddenly, you feel a surge of momentum. Renewed inspiration, with a useful chip on your shoulder.

You’re confident because you planned for this.