Brian Casel
Brian Casel

Space to breathe

by Brian Casel on February 16, 2019
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I find the entrepreneurship to be more of a creative endeavor than anything else. You’re literally creating something out of nothing, with the goal of someone else finding value in your ideas.

Looking back, that’s what drove me to start out as a freelancer. I was hungry for more freedom to create.

But I soon found that freelancing didn’t satisfy that hunger.

Early on, I was stressed about money. So I had to take whatever gigs I could to make sure I could pay rent each month.

A little later it was too much work that prevented me from creating. I was drowning in deadlines, proposals, contracts, deliverables, and satisfying clients.

Eventually, I learned the power of systems, process, and delegation. I learned how to connect with an ideal customer and form a unique value proposition.

By productizing my service, I was able to scale it to a point where it not only earned a better income than I had as a freelancer, but it opened up oceans of free time.

Now, a decade later, I finally found that space to breathe. The space to create. To be strategic. To explore. To try out ideas and see them through.

Getting here requires 3 milestones:

  1. Financial freedom
  2. Time freedom
  3. Creative freedom

Freelancers can achieve that first milestone relatively easily. It’s the 2nd and 3rd that (time and creativity) that few are able to reach.

I found the Productized Service model is how you can bridge that gap, especially if you’re a freelancer or consultant, like I was.

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