Brian Casel
Brian Casel

The Anti-Agency

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I wrote an article about something—a word, really—that’s been popping in my mind a lot this year.  That word is:


The more I work to refine my productized service business, the more I realize that the way we operate is the exact opposite of how an agency operates.

I think that’s what makes this model so attractive from every angle. It benefits the business because it’s easier to grow and scale. It benefits our team because they get to work in a stress-free, creative environment that’s free of fires to put out and “rush jobs”. And of course, it benefits our customers because our system is designed to solve one very specific problem that they have.

Here are 5 ways a productized service is not like an agency.

By the way, this one comes with a worksheet to help you evaluate which side of the Agency vs. Productized Service your business is on 🙂

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