Brian Casel
Brian Casel

Watch me Build our Marketing Funnel in Drip

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Do you use Drip for email marketing automation tool? I do. My team and I love it.

The automation. The possibilities!

There’s a lot you could do with Drip, but you’re probably wondering what you should do with Drip. Is this you? Well, I’ve got a treat for you today (several treats, actually).

My goal here is to help you build a strategy to put Drip to use when it comes to building out your marketing funnel.

That’s what led me to build out my collection of Automation Guides on setting up your Drip or ActiveCampaign account.

But the pre-curser to those was this lengthy walkthrough of the workflows I had set up for my Audience Ops business’ Drip account.

In my article over on the Audience Ops blog, you’ll find:

  • My 30-minute video teardown of our (live) Drip account and workflows that power our own content marketing funnel at Audience Ops.
  • A guide and framework you can use to build your own automated funnel in Drip.
  • A bonus 10-step process and cheatsheet you can download and follow right now when you’re setting up your Drip account.

Watch the video & see the guide on »

And check out my Automation Guides with video walkthroughs and ready-made workflows you can import into Drip and ActiveCampaign »